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My name is Dmin, and I am

Asexual(still figuring out romantic affliation at the moment)/cis female(she/her/hers)/social justice sorceress

Recently graduated college and received a Bachelors degree in Psychology

This blog is basically an "anything goes" blog; I do my best to tag everything appropriately.

That said if I do not tag something and you feel it should be for whatever reason, or if I say something that is offensive, feel free to inform me of such and I will change it immediately. I admit readily that I mess up sometimes on fronts like that, but I am very willing to learn and change my behavior.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Behavior I find acceptable  

Where were you on the night of 16th?

This took a very long time to achieve.


I know Free! might be confusing to the uninitiated, so I made a helpful table describing the characters:


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I can’t remember the last time we talked, but I am sure you are still a great person and I hope you are and continue to be doing well!

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things to take 

  • care 
  • it easy

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(I’m only doing one of those numbers you big dork)

So you’re great. Really great. Like I don’t think you understand how great and I don’t think I even have the words to describe it. While the mood surrounding our original interactions wasn’t the greatest, I am pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve come to consider you a presence in my life. You’re funny, you’re smart, you have interesting thoughts and ideas, and really you deserve so, so much good. So much more than you’ve been given, to be sure.

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Wile I’m sure it’ll make you feel better, throwing your water bottle at the weather’s manager isn’t very likely to get it to change the weather.

This is true

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If I had any lotion I’d use it. You should let the weather know that you’re outraged. Demand to see its manager.

I throw my water bottle at the manager

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cold water bottles feel great against a sunburn

Just general lotion can also be pretty helpful for that I object to heat heat personally offends me

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Water bottles are not for drinking they are for pressing against my skin

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I’m actually so happy right now because somebody called me articulate and that’s always the thing I feel like I’m really bad at? Like

My mind tends to three sentences ahead of the one I am saying aloud or writing and so I stumble over words and I ramble a lot and sometimes I struggle to make my point properly and I just feel like I’m so bad at articulating thoughts because of it

So somebody saying they think I’m articulate actually means so much I’m so happy

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I genuinely enjoy talking to you. You’re entertaining, your ability to strategize down to such minute detail in your games impresses me, and your continued demonstration of your ability to learn and grow as a person astounds me. I wish you the best in everything and sincerely hope that you end up in the healthiest place possible for you.

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